Wardrobe Function

Hot off the Oscars, everyone’s talking about ‘what they wore’, but I’m more interested in where they hang it all when they get home. What does that space look like?

Everyone’s got their daily routines and ideally, their zone. My husband, Ryerson, and I just brought ours to life. We sold our fab little 20’s colonial tudor this fall and bought a bigger/older project: an 1805 farmhouse in Franklin Lakes, NJ (yes, BRAVO Housewives territory).

Moving whilst crazed at our jobs was traumatic at best, so we focused our weekend-warrior energies on getting our private quarters finished first. ‘Oasis of organization & comfort’ has been our mantra. As usual, we took the job very seriously and built ourselves some totally over-the top closets. Ry turned the existing walk-in into his own personal haberdashery (sans valet) and I took the liberty of transforming our off-bedroom office into a gallery of glam. I’m a jeans, boots and blazer gal by nature but this wardrobe-chapel is making me see things in a whole new light.

Interior Design & Styling by moi, Meredith McBride Kipp
Photography by Laura Moss
Closet construction by Ryerson Kipp et moi

My coveted Billy Haines slipper chair from the 40’s makes a great statement piece.

Hot pink clutch and gold leather wrap bracelet by cousin Ted Kruckel at Gigi New York. Gorgeous Key Tassel candle (my favorite gifting item) by friend Elad Yifrach, founder of L’Objet. Tray by Royal Limoges from my factory tour purchases in Limoges, France a few years ago during Pairs (Maison et Objet) market— OBSESSED— bought the Asian-laquer-red china to match. The giant wishbone is by Nima Oberoi. I can’t remember where I picked it up, but it was a must-have-you moment. Looks like you can buy it at a number of places now, here’s one.

I rewired and cleaned this pretty, old chandelier (estate sale purchase) to add a little classic romance to the space.

Using a level, I simply hammered rows of nails into the wall to create a display for all my casual accessories. It’s much easier to accessorize when you can see all of your options. This is an easy project I highly recommend. I chose the wall that is usually hidden by the open closet door, but if you are doing this on a more prominent wall, you might want to get pretty brass hooks or decorative knobs to use instead, just to give it a little more polish.

I have too many funky old broaches (this one is Kenneth Jay Lane) lying unappreciated in a drawer, so why not use them to accentuate your boudoir decor?

I used a mixture of brass knobs for my accessories drawers.

Standard options for accessory organizers tend to be tacky, so I like to hide everything in drawers. Here, I’ve used a simple, modern desk accessory to hang all of my hoops and dangling earrings. It’s a great way to display and store them.

To purchase the full story (with before photos) for editorial or commercial use, it is now available at Red Cover.

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41 thoughts on “Wardrobe Function

  1. Ok…that is simply amazing Meredith. I love every part of this project…everything is displayed in such an organized, yet fun way. Looking forward to seeing more….you are “the next design star!”

    • Thank you so much Mary! Such kind words! I’ll try to get Ry’s closet posted next week: it’s really fabulous and masculine…

    • Thank you M! The walls are painted a very dark bluish gray. Do you want the exact color? I’d like to do Interior Design and product design but haven’t broken into it yet… maybe in a few years. Easing into it. But I’d love to do your house!!! Just say when and I’m there 😉 xx

  2. Meredith. I’m a professional organizer, so you must understand that when I saw your renovated closet, my heart skipped a beat. I couldn’t love what you’ve done with the space more, both aesthetically and functionally. Totally amazing/beautiful/perfect and I hope you enjoy!

      • This is so crazy – Mere, I stumbled upon your post from organization nation only to see that Annie who I met at my bf’s house in Seattle last summer had commented on this too. What a small world – I love this org/deco stuff, trying to learn how to make it work!

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  6. Hi Mere! Genius and stunning! I hope you enjoy it every day. Can’t wait to catch up with you, hope all is well. XOXO Jack

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  12. Meredith this is amazing!!! I found the pic of the 1 closet with the 6 drawer dresser & clothes hanging above on another site & I’m in the middle of doing the same thing to my closet. I was wondering if there was a blueprint to the closet that I could buy so I can do it myself rather than having to hire someone to build it. I have a very small master bedroom & this layout would work perfectly for the room. I can only put my bed one direction because of the two 2 drawer dressers I have in my room. I want to eliminate those dressers so I have a lil more options for the placement of my bed. Thank you so much for your time & hope to hear from u soon.

    Melissa T.

    • Hi Melissa,
      I do not have blueprints of any sort but we started with a few cubbies and shallow shelf units (from i think homedecorators.com) to start the structure and then trimmed everything out and modified them, and then built the hanging areas from scratch. Probably makes sense to start with the shelving units and cubbies that you need and can fit in your space and have the builder modify from there. Though we built it ourselves, we still spent several thousand on just materials, just you have a realistic idea going into this. Your cabinet builder will know what to do if you show them the images.
      Best of luck! Meredith

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  14. I have a rectangular 6′ X 6″ walk in closet, that I have to put 3 closets of clothes and shoes, some purses in. I need help!! I have to do this in the next 2 weeks as I am moving into my new house. Help! I have to have a contractor do it.
    Stacey Weiss-Kaplan

    Pleasure to meet your acquaintance as well.

    You should look at some closet solutions at homedecorators.com (just got their catalog: they have some nice stuff now) with your contractor and figure out the best solution for what you need. Order up a few pieces for him to build from. Will save a lot of time and $. Show him this blog post so he sees what you mean about building off of another unit.

    Take a look at what you have (count shoes purses etc, measure total width of all you hanging and figure out what you need in terms of shelves) and explain this to your contractor.

    The 2 of you can come up with a plan that fits what you have (not what you assume you have).

    Best of luck,

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