We are Saying Good Buy…

After 5+ years of meticulous renovations and heartfelt updates, my husband and I are selling our beloved Colonial Tudor, nestled in NYC’s ‘burbs (walking distance to commuter lines). We have put so much thought into every detail of this home so it’s been bittersweet to put the final touches on our last few projects.

Alas, we are looking for a great couple, loving family, or fab singleton to move into this home. Someone who will enjoy curling up with a crossword on the banquette in the den. Someone who will use the 2nd bedroom as a glamorous office or pack it with color and a set of white built-in bunk beds. Someone who will stock the wine cellar full of delicious vintages and have tons of dinner parties. Someone who will live on the back porch from early spring through late fall. OH how I will miss you sweet, SWEET back porch. Someone who will play bocce on the leveled back yard and cook on the grill every night it’s not raining. Someone who will enjoy this place as much as we have.

Please join me in thanking this home for its hospitality and willingness to transform over the past 5+ years: please leave your comments (below the photos) about the house; be it a personal experience here or just a comment about the photos.

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13 thoughts on “We are Saying Good Buy…

  1. Those pictures are amazing! I remember sleeping on the floor years ago when you first moved in, in the living room where Ella is. You two have truly transformed this home into a breathtaking work of art! Fingers crossed you’ve decided to move to Colorado!

    • thanks babe! That was a fun weekend. Definitely don’t miss the blue shag carpet and oiled paneling throughout but it was a good place to line up sleeping bags for sure 😉

  2. It has been a fantastic experience to watch the fun and love you have put into that house. I know you part with full hearts. It is sooo chic and beautiful. You have made a fabulous contribution to that house and the lucky next owners….FABULOUS JOB!!
    xoxo, m

    • Wow! Thank you so much for the kind words Marc! I truly appreciate (and always admire) your opinion so THANK YOU!

  3. Hey Mere! Just had to drop you a note to say what you and Ry did to this place is amazing! I still remember when you first bought it. I’m sure your next place with be an equally incredible labor of design love. xx

  4. Love your home! You have the best taste. You put a lot of love into this house. Good luck finding your next project!

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